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Top song each week receives a featured write up, added to our curated playlist and a featured interview on our Spotify podcast.

America – Tora Woloshin

‘America’, is Tora’s love song to the country she was born to. Expression of her emotions about the racism, the questionable actions of the government, the violence and hate that has corrupted The United States, currently and since the countries birthing; back to colonialism and even further. Tora began singing, dancing, acting, modeling and performing at the age of 4. The world first saw Tora on the show, The X Factor USA where she was mentored by Simon Cowell. Tora signed to an indie label shortly after, and moved to Miami for a year. She has opened for Flo Rida, Ne-Yo, Method Man, Pink and more. After a month long US tour with B.O.B., she was choreographing and headlining her own tour in China. Currently working on several different projects, Woloshin Is genre-bending and writing to inspire and motivate the masses.

Residential Ft. Liquid $moke – Eric Matthys

With a contrast between casually suave melodies and divine harmonies, Eric Matthys proves to be one of the most captivating upcoming artists today. Eric is from the Bay Area, California.

1,871 Monthly Listeners
London, GB
28 listeners
Barcelona, ES
28 listeners
Los Angeles, US
20 listeners
Madrid, ES
19 listeners
São Paulo, BR
17 listeners
Connect with Eric on Spotify or @ https://www.instagram.com/ericlmatthys/?hl=en

Chances – DeGolio

DeGolio comes from The City of Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys rapping for fun, and making music as a hobby. He is currently working on an upcoming album, “Homemade”, with features such as Lil Bush, Yumonic, and $tinGray 4L. DeGolio has had 4 major inspirations for rap: Chance The Rapper and NF with the flow, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Tjay covering the melodic side of aspects. He has combined and fused these people’s styles into an acknowledgement of his own, (Lyrical x Mumble). His key style is a Trap x Rap amalgamation that includes occasional strong flows and catchy choruses. Currently, he is on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.). Connect on Youtube or via Instgram @ https://www.instagram.com/notdegolio/

Knock off – Almost Sex

We’re “Almost Sex,” a Brooklyn based duo formed by Nick Louis and Warren LaSota.
The duo connected on a dating app in 2020. After collaborating remotely for several months, they met in person, fell in love and released their first two singles, “Knockoff” and “Charmer.”
“Folk-Pop Masterminds” –BuzzMusic
“Brookyln’s new indie-folk powerhouse almost sex…” – Chalkpit Records
At the beginning of December, Nick and Warren packed up a few drums and guitars and hid out in an old building in Warren’s hometown. No drum samples, no editing, no vocal effects other than the room’s high ceilings. Connect on Youtube or Via https://www.instagram.com/almost.sex/?hl=en

Russian Roulette – Eichegul

Eichegul is a vocal lead collaborations. Lyrics and vocals are by Aysegul Balkose. Each track has different writers, perfomers and producers. The first 15 release are experimental pieces exploring subjects relating life.
373 Monthly Listeners
London, GB
13 listeners
Los Angeles, US
10 listeners
New York City, US
9 listeners
Sheffield, GB
7 listeners
Toronto, CA
7 listeners Connect Via Spotify or Via https://www.instagram.com/eichegul/

Let Me Fall -Original Mix Ft. Jophine – Marster

MARSTER describes his music like an electronic mix of dance and pop inspired by the 90’s with a taste of catchy melodies and touching vocals.
Actually it all started last year with a broken leg and a lot of time sitting still. Suddenly this former music video director’s music ideas came to life, a couple of weeks later 4 songs were done. He got the taste for it and continued, a couple of months later he had a record deal and a part of a song appearing in a commercial.

10,255 Monthly Listeners

Los Angeles, US
413 listeners
London, GB
289 listeners
Chicago, US
286 listeners
Paris, FR
270 listeners
New York City, US
250 listeners Connect on Spotify or Via https://www.instagram.com/marsters_music/

Find Her Keep Her – Nevik Wright

YKD – ENOUGH: Official Music Video

Deep – GrowLimitless

Joy is a natural phenomenon. Misery is your creation.

The Gant Special – TheyCallMeGant

Make music that I love and share it for the world to hear. Album out now-The Gant Special- and new single- Kid in the Stars- hope you enjoy. http://www.theycallmegant.site
Connect with Gant via Spotify or @ https://www.instagram.com/michaelgantkowski/

Shaz – Steve Shaz

17 year old experimenting with sounds in his bedroom
Played on radio in 150 countries connect on Soundcloud or Via https://www.instagram.com/steve.shaz/?hl=en

You – Exotic Version – Oghamyst

 (Oghamyst), is definitely one of the most popular, independent and emerging, India (Kolkata, West Bengal) based international singer-songwriter/producer and artist. He is very much thrilled to share his original musical works with the world, via major online music platforms like Youtube, Deezer, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc. Any interested artist can reach out to him at soumyajitguhas42@gmail.com for collaborations anytime, as he is constantly searching for multilingual singer-songwriters to work with, to embark on an unknown musical journey! His music is usually Pop-ish, described as having a retro but fresh “cassette” vibe and is a cocktail of inspired music like that of Enrique IglesiasTaylor SwiftClinton Cerejo Selena GomezAkcentZeddZara LarssonKKNikhil D’SouzaJubin NautiyalAlizéeSEREBROElena GheorgheModern Talking. You will find various versions of a song as he loves experimenting with his music a lot. The music videos are available on his YouTube channel. ‘Music Is What Feelings Sound Like’ is his unreleased debut album, in which he plans to include his all-time best songs. He has a steadily increasing audience on other music platforms as well, especially Youtube and Soundcloud.
Links : Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0JQoegV59dxu1k1J9LJYLA SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/soumyajit42 Reverbnation : https://www.reverbnation.com/soumyajitguhaAKAoghamystAKAEssGee

Soon Enough – MakedaMakesTunes ♛


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Weekly Showcase

Here’s where the community has a say in who will be featured on our homepage and blog. This is a place where people can discover emerging artist and immediately connect with them, through their social channels. Leave a comment with your favorite artist or send it to us on social media.

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