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Dayday_music Releases his latest track Ironman!

Ironman by Dayday_music Released to all Platforms on December 10th, 2021. Since the release, the song has gained nearly 7,000 Streams on Spotify with several people using the sound on Tiktok. It is also one of Dayday_music’s Most streamed Songs on both Apple Music and Amazon Music. Ironman is extremely Catchy and upbeat. After speaking with the artist, he plans to continue to Promote this track via Tiktok, Social Media and Facebook Ads. He believes this song has extreme Potential. The mix isn’t perfect but Dayday_music is still in his first year of being an Independent Music so, there is still “alot to learn” said Dayday_music. Below is the Youtube Audio and Spotify links. Let us Know on Social Media what you guys think of the track!

Ironman (Radio Edit) – Dayday_music

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Ironman – Dayday_music

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