Fake Friends – Dayday_music

Album Art by Angelina Romano, Prod. King Mastermind

Dayday_music is “Tired of these Fake Friends” How about you?

Hip-hop Artist Dayday_music, Drops His latest single “Fake Friends”. This track had several different meanings and reference which I don’t know if you caught. We are going break down some of the key lyrics starting with the opening line to the verse which might confuse a lot of people. The line went, ” at first they act like they love you, then they act like they above you but we all the same. This imaginary fame, elites created it so they could feed off our name, and barely give us the change but I think it’s time to Change and we stick together through whatever there’s no way we won’t make it there, and i’ll bet they’ll regret that they took it there.” Explaination Below

Fake Friends – Dayday_music

This part of his verse represents the currently economy for our creators. Musicians, Actors, Content creators. He believes fame or being famous does not exist. He explained Famous just mean mean you have the attention on you. I believe you can achieve that without being “Famous”. But Fame, is beneficial to the brands, corporations and corporate America. You help sell their products. He don’t get me wrong if it falls align with your morals by all means but never step outside yourself for gain. To Breakdown the next part, he believes that everyone in the industry is unhappy because little to none of the artist in the industry own their work. We are talking Jay-z, Kanye West, Juice Wrld. All into bad deals for them which most often find themselves in. I think if more people focused on the 1000 fan rule, they can make a successful living with the right investments. I am going to be a big push towards independence in the music industry or better education about publishing and ownership and what to actually do with those masters, said Dayday_music. Fake Friends – Dayday_music is now out on all Streaming Platforms.


Fake Friends – Dayday_music

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