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Top song each week receives a featured write up, added to our curated playlist and a featured interview on our Spotify podcast.

Pain – Prince J

Prince J is an upcoming artist who was born in Staten Island, New York, and currently lives in New Jersey. His musical influences include J.I., Jay-Z, Big Sean, and Montana of 300. He started rapping at the age of 16 and began making songs and freestyles at the age of 19. He is now 21 years old and has evolved into a phenomenal lyricist over the last two years. His delivery, wordplay, punchlines, and bars have gained him the attention of many, allowing him to grow his fanbase at a rapid rate.
On October 22, 2020 he released a snippet of his first song, Where I’m From, on tiktok (@iamprince.j), which went viral currently landing 645,000 views, 194,000 likes, and gaining him 50,000 followers overnight. He has competed and won multiple rap competitions, and received numerous compliments from veteran battle rappers such as Tsu Surf and DNA. Prince J has shown great potential and impressive growth since putting out his music at the end of 2020.
Prince J has big music projects in the works for 2021. Stay tuned!
Connect with Prince J on Spotify or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iamprince.j/

Wendy Lucas – On A Walk (Official Music Video)

Wendy Lucas is a Portuguese-American, independent singer/songwriter from Boston, who specializes in vocal melodies that captivate audiences around the world. The soulful background vocals that she writes decorate her music and make Wendy’s sound unmistakably her own. Wendy began singing at the age of eight in church, where she learned to navigate through layers of harmony, creating the blueprint of her song-writing today. As a lover of R&B and Soul, her influences include H.E.R., Daniel Caesar, Kehlani, and Alicia Keys, but as an avid music lover, her style is guided by other artists such as The Beatles, Billie Eilish, John Mayer, and Vulfpeck. Being an independent artist has inspired Wendy to teach herself various skills including songwriting, playing piano, recording, production, and more. Her hard work, passion, and skill are reflected in the music that she shares today. Connect with wendy on instagram https://www.instagram.com/wendylucas__/ or find all her music at https://songwhip.com/wendy-lucas/on-a-walk

Its Nothin (single) – Quwest

Artist out of North Cambridge, United States
Connect with Quwest on Soundcloud or on Instagram Dm For Features @ https://www.instagram.com/official.quwest/

Avion Ft. (Nightmare Nasty) – Eric Matthys

With a contrast between casually suave melodies and divine harmonies, Eric Matthys proves to be one of the most captivating upcoming artists today. Eric is from the Bay Area, California.
Connect with Eric on Spotify or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ericlmatthys/?hl=en

Jay Elite – E (official audio)

New York Rapper Subscribe to His youtube to connect with Jay Elite

Picasso – Alan Ward

Alan Ward is a rap/hip-hop artist from the United States specifically Milwaukee, WI. Ward began writing at the age of 12 and first started recording in high school. Formerly known as ‘D. Gatz’, Ward began rapping at parties and recording with a buddy/local rapper named ‘Tony Freeloader’ (now SvejiBoyz). After appearing on a few tracks from Freeloaders debut mixtape Stone Table Summer (2015) in, Ward took a hiatus after high school to focus on collegiate endeavors, but never stopped writing music. While at school, he met a few other up-and-coming artists from around the country and recorded/connected with them but never released any music.
After getting his degree and spending years studying the game/industry from a far, Ward decided to finally follow his passion and pursue music. Dropping his first release, Joon EP , at the end of 2019 and two singles right before 2020, Alan Ward is already starting to gain some buzz and is looking to solidify himself as legit hip-hop force. Connect on Spotify, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/itsjusdez/ or at https://itsjusdez.wixsite.com/alanward

Vacations Ft. (Scuba Steve) – Will Noon

Unsigned Brooklyn Artist Will Noon is entering the music scene officially as of 2019. Will has been writing and making rnb heavy songs since the age of 14 with inspiration primarily from Drake, J Cole, Jay Critch and other artists that boast having original deliveries. The songs he makes contain stories, imagery and amazing lyrical ability but with a rnb kind of style. Helping his mom raise his two younger brothers had forced him from young to step up and take on lots of responsibility from the age of 7. Come enter the journey and view the story behind Will Noon .
Connect on Spotify or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/willnoonmusik/

Prolifikk – On My Body

Prolifikk was born as David Lavell Samuel Abner in Cleveland Ohio. Being placed in foster care at a young age David learned to escape his troubles through writing. The story of his life began when David was in a foster home at the age of 5 where his foster parents over dosed him on medications. After a year of recuperating he bounced back and was placed in another home.. A total of 7 homes during his childhood caused a lot of issues from falling behind in school to getting in to trouble with the law After writing a few years after he got older and as of now, he knew he had a passion for it. Being homeless and facing the world on his own only made him stronger mentally and physically and eventually he overcame it all. All this time, David never gave up on his dreams of being an artist and just kept writing to help him get through the days of his struggle. Connect with Prolifikk on Youtube or on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/prolifikktsg/

Lonely – Dom Trealo

Just a young entertainer who is focused on music… 4/20 Releasing next single “Blacker Now” Stay Tuned. Connect with Dom on Spotify

Heavy – SK Da Demon

Connect on Spotify


Kerim Buyurucu was born on April 30th 2004. In his early life he was constantly bullied and this had a major impact on his life. Kerim started making music back in 2019 as a dare by his friends. Overtime Kerim started to become more comfortable rapping. But things weren’t easy. He was started to feel depressed around the Summer of 2019 because of bullying. But he stuck through and surrounded himself around better people and eventually got back into rap around Fall of 2020 releasing his first hit song on YouTube “Late Night” then later in 2020 releasing his song “ADVENTURELAND”. 2021 is when Kerim felt like he can take music to the next level and is full with confidence and is looking forward a bright future. Connect on Spotify or through Instagram https://www.instagram.com/drizzy_rain_xd/


juu0100 (@juu0100)
KYYE (@notkyye)
cujo (@cujonati)
PROJECT99 (@prxject99)
Connect via soundcloud

Crazy People – Sleeeepa X VSN

Duality is key to the identity of emerging artist, SLEEEEPA x VSN. Representing two stark sides of her personality, these characters explore the full range of her experiences as a young, queer woman. Her work exemplifies experimental pop through both cutesy, bubbly tracks such as “Stationary” and in-your-face numbers like “Hail Mary”. Born Lisa Sepa in Yonkers, New York, she began writing songs as young as 6 years old. At 21 years old, with encouragement from her romantic partner and videographer BigHijack, SLEEEEPA x VSN was born. Her debut tape “CAMPFIRE” produced by Mogley Miroma is now one of three bodies of work released within 6 months, alongside “Primal” and “All Goths go to Heaven”. She has also collaborated with artists Kunai Chrome, Lola Menthol, Xellah Co, and producer Aarxn.xen. Conect on Spotify or on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sleeeepa/

Lucid Lady – Immortal World

Immortal Wild is an intense electrical alchemy of Debra Roberts’ and Tom Freeland’s extreme spiritual energy gained from their lives’ massive spectrum of experiences, from deadly to transcendental, which was consummated when Tom, who lived on the other side of the world, heard Debra’s voice and after the deep recognition of his soul mate, gave up everything in his life to love and be with her.
connect on Spotify or at https://immortalwild.com

Weekly Showcase

Here’s where the community has a say in who will be featured on our homepage and blog. This is a place where people can discover emerging artist and immediately connect with them, through their social channels. Leave a comment with your favorite artist or send it to us on social media.

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