Better Myself – Dayday_Music

Dayday_music Drops an Absolute Banger titled “Better Myself”.

Better Myself by Dayday_music is by far the best song to date that has been released under Dayday_music. Better Myself has a BPM/tempo of 145, is in the key A min and has a duration of 02:26. We have been carefully watching his Growth as an Independent Artist. He write his own songs, mixes, master and records all of his music from home and showing steady progress overall. Better Myself has a lot of different meanings behind it. The key point to take away is the opening line. “well in this life there ain’t no competition. I’m just tryna better myself, better my health, then i’m tryna better my wealth, wake up im meditating, tryna be patient but i see my dreams in front of me, i gotta get up and i gotta chase it” Better Myself – Dayday_music

Dayday_music – Better Myself

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When Speaking with Dayday_music, he explained what those lyrics meant to him.

“In life we tend to compare ourselves to others, when we just need to become our best self. How we do that is through personal Development. Through better our self, self care, better our health eating right and taking care of our body. Then better our wealth doesn’t mean just becoming rich but being financially independent. You have to get up and you got to chase it line means meditating and trying to reach the frequency of something is one thing, but you have to get up and chase it. You have to take action if you want things to work out in life” Said Dayday_music

Better Myself – Dayday_music

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