When Youre Gone – VVStef

VVStef Drop a Deep Track “When Youre Gone” Worth Checking Out


This song is very complex track, with a deep emotional meaning behind it. I believe everyone has related to at one point in there life. It was about a guy messing up his relationship with an amazing girl, then coming to realization it was a little too late. Now he just gonna miss this girl when she is gone. The Reason why I say its complex, it is showing a course of which he was this toxic guy in the the relationship. Once we hit the second verse you can see his character change from dubbing this girl, pretending she doesn’t exist. To now begging this girl to be with him after his wrongdoing. As we said before, it was just a little too late and the girl is ready to move on. This song shows to not take what you have for granted. Although the lesson is meant towards the situation with this girl it relates anything going good in life.

VVStef – When Youre Gone

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Key Lyrics

“She Said Where were you the first time, you were the best girl for me at my worst times”. – When youre gone – VVStef

This Part of the song really sums up the main concept and was definitely a part he wanted to hit people. As there are many line that do this, but this line really stood out the most. Let him know what you think!

When Youre Gone – VVStef

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