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What Happened To Rapping -Jayedee

Funk Hip Hop Instrumental
Clean delivery with skippy flows
True sound of hip hop
Keeping the essence of hip hop alive
Message behind the music

“What Happened To Rapping” see’s prodigy Jayedee teams up with hip hop pioneer MCM (Aka Caveman) to mold a track which sounds like it’s straight out of the early 90’s. New, yet original, this collaboration addresses the fact that the mainstream has strayed away from “rapping” and the “essence of hip hop” whilst showcasing that the talent is still alive and well. Jayedee’s style is outstanding and very unique offering the listener a refreshing, yet nostalgic feel.
Connect with Jayedee via Soundcloud or @ https://www.instagram.com/jayedeeofficial

Sums and Assumptions – DB!

Weekly Showcase

Here’s where the community has a say in who will be featured on our homepage and blog. This is a place where people can discover emerging artist and immediately connect with them, through their social channels. Leave a comment with your favorite artist or send it to us on social media.

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DB! Rapper from Dallas Texas delivers a chill and original sound.

169 Monthly Listeners
Lubbock, US
40 listeners
Dallas, US
35 listeners
Houston, US
9 listeners
Austin, US
7 listeners
Rockwall, US
5 listeners
Connect with DB! via Spotify or @ https://www.instagram.com/TheMikeDB/

Men Lie (feat. Lito Garcia) – Nia Asiel

Nia Asiel  is a game changing upcoming singer-songwriter from the beautiful city of Chicago, IL. She brings a unique sound to the world of R&B through her lyrics, melodies, and relatable stories. With her constantly growing buzz and persistence, Nia Asiel will take the music industry by storm.
Connect with Nia via Youtube or @ https://www.instagram.com/nia_asiel/

Hydroxide – Tyler Brooker

3rd year engineering student at UEA from the UK who makes dance and electronic music for all to enjoy.
I started making electronic music back in January 2017 whilst I was in Sixth-Form (first year), only uploading my work to YouTube and SoundCloud, but barely got any exposure. I remained dedicated and eventually people started paying attention, so I was able to receive criticism to improve and refine my sound. After many originals and remixes, I finally had the confidence to release my first track, Rush, to major platforms like Spotify via TuneCore back in January 2018. I started university in September 2018 and continued to regularly produce EDM and house music, eventually earning radio and podcast plays, an interview on BBC Radio Essex, and improved attention on multiple platforms. I released my first EP, Absolute, in May 2019 and have made more than 100 original tracks and remixes, even having others remix my work. I’m current still in uni trying to figure out what life has to offer, whilst also continuing to push forward with my music, because I’ll never give up doing what I enjoy.
Connect via Spotify or @ https://www.instagram.com/brooker_tyler/

Distance – Smashville730

I’ve always had the sounds of instruments playing in my head as a kid. until I started making my own music, I’m born and raised in New York currently in Tennessee, decided to stay here after my service in the military, combat veteran just expressing my feelings through the magic of music, Im also a first time homesteader, me and my partner in life maintain a farm full of cows, chickens, ducks, ex. so im at a place in my life were I am able to focus on my long term goal and hopefully ONE DAY I can get a streaming plaque. god bless knock on wood I guess. help me get to my long term goal and share my music and follow me even if you just skip my songs its helping me and my farm. Thanks
Connect via Spotify or @ https://www.instagram.com/smashville730/?hl=en

Wasted History – Wasted History (Full Album)

Band: Wasted History
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Album: Wasted History (2021)

Wasted History are a melodic rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Their debut album is out now, Wasted History are looking to get out and play some shows in the coming future.
WH take a lot of inspiration from the post grunge era as well as the nu metal and alternative rock scene.


Luke Baird – Guitar
Benjamin Wylie – Vocals
Nick Petti – Lead Guitar
Jerald Burton – Drums
Vince D’Alo – Bass

To Love and To Remember – Porcelain People

Porcelain People, a dream pop solo artist from Morelia, México. Porcelain People is an indie rock solo project formed early in 2019 in Morelia, Michoacán by David Anaya. Despite still being in constant experimentation of textures and sounds, he admits to be influenced directly by artists such as Metronomy, Mac Demarco, Joji, The 1975 and H.I.M. Through his music, Porcelain People expresses his undeniable affinity to the retro aesthetic and at the same time his concern about the present times.

Be this Cool – NinjaManCan

9,008 Monthly Listeners

Buffalo, US
1,819 listeners

Frankfurt am Main, DE
643 listeners

Dallas, US
521 listeners

Chicago, US
478 listeners

New York City, US
401 listeners

Perfume – Bottle Orange

Fate – Adolfo Garcia

291 Monthly Listeners

Los Angeles, US
14 listeners

Brooklyn, US
9 listeners

Cottonwood, US
6 listeners

New York City, US
5 listeners

Ternate, IT
4 listeners
An Acoustic/Instrumental Guitarist , that blends a wide variety of genres together. Was born and raised in San Antonio,Texas

Leave a comment down below about who you think deserves a featured show next week! The community contritubes on picking the winner.

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