Sturdy ft. LiveLikeDavis – Fkmarr

Two Upcoming New York Drill Rappers team up on “Sturdy”.

We’ve been following Fkmarr’s Journey after releasing Track “Another One”. He Gathered 300,000 Streams within the first week across all platforms. Fkmarr ended up having the song taken down on all platforms due to a copyright issue, but he didn’t let this set him back. He came back ready and teamed up with LiveLikeDavis or Livelikewassup on Tiktok. Livelikedavis and Fkmarr each bring their own to the table. This will definitely be the song that helps both of these drill rapper continue their momentum moving forward. Both rappers know how to start a trend and have everyone on tiktok getting sturdy.

Sturdy ft. Livelikedavis – Fkmarr


THEY TOOK DOWN ANOTHER ONE SO IMA GIVE YA’ll ANOTHER ONE! ft. @livelikewassup 5k comments and deluxe ya’lls 🕺🏽😳 #fypシ #fkmarr #anotherone #sturdy

♬ original sound – Double R💙
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Another One – Fkmarr

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