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International Sensation Sinikka Monte

Today we met with: Sinikka Monte

Tell everyone where you are from? “I was born in Scotland to Finnish and South African/Italian parents. I am currently living in Austria”

Her Genre Is : Pop (Hyperpop)

Her Latest Release is named: Slayer, since the release have been gaining some amazing traction for the music video and the song across all platforms. Leveraging her skills of marketing, making her an Artist On The Rise and One to watch for as this year begins to whine down.

Sinikka Monte -Slayer

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Some Key Lyrics and meaning: “You push your own point not the whole view, You always disappoint get it tattooed” This is from my song Infrared and about friends who do not feel empathy and fail to see the whole picture and gaslight you. I have been disappointed in my friendships so many times.

Slayer – Sinikka Monte

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Getting to know Sinikka Monte

When writing, where does your passion and inspiration come from? “I’m inspired by things that have happened to me. I write about love, break-ups and coldness of people, lack of empathy. Sometimes I feel like it is hard to find people who stay and that there is no loyalty in friendships. My up-coming EP Deadlocked will be about these topics and also about consent. The song deadlocked is also about how especially girls are label for what they are wearing.”

If you could open for any artist who would it be for? “Raye. She is amazingly talented.”

Where do you want to see yourself 5 years from now in music? “I see myself touring and living off my music.”

Who are 3 Artists that influence you? “Labrinth, Raye and PVRIS”

What do you do outside of music? “I am finishing high school and working at a gym.”

Who or what kind of person is your target audience? “I think my music appeals to fans of Julia Michaels, Lana del Rey and Ariana Grande.”

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