Psilorhymin – labor207

Maine Artist Labor207 Drops His Newest Album “Psilorhymin” Giving Us Mac Miller & Kid Cudi Vibes!

Psilorhymin is a ten track album which featured Tredeuce. This album has some amazing vibes. If you love Mac Miller then you will love listening to Labor207. While he has a very similar vibe to Mac, He is very unique to his own flow. Labor207 is also similar to J Cole and Kid Cudi. Treduece and Labor207 have been making some high quality music together for awhile now. Teaming up on another album. Three tracks you’ll want to check out for sure is “Psilocyb”, “Lost and Confused” as well as “The End Is Near”.

Psilocyb (feat. Tredeuce) – Labor207

Psilorhymin – Labor207 Full Album

“Psilocyb” is about Labor207’s experience with psilocybin. “It’s about finally understanding how much power he holds as a human in this wolrd.” Said Labor207. Psilocyb is the first song to my album “Psilorythmin” (Prod. Noah Cuz) This song is a mixture of very chill music w trap like drums, It is filled with psychedelic lyrics and versatile flows. Some Key Lyrics from Psilorhymin are:

“That psilocyb got me wide eyed, ya I feel like I’m a mile high, Ya I realized how wild I can be.” – Labor207

“Lately been trippin like mk ultra” Mk ultra is top secret CIA Project that researched mind control, they would give people large doses of Psychedelics and study their reactions… – Labor207

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