King Of Rap – Yng Kp

Yng Kp Drops his Latest Track “King Of Rap”

On June 14, 2021 Yng Kp Released his newest Music Video “King Of Rap” directed by EditedbyCam. Yng Kp Has been on the grind since 2019 but has really shown a lot of progression since the start of 2021. Dropping four Singles areadly this year with a lot more releases planned to hit all digital streaming services. King Of Rap – Yng Kp is about coming from the mud and finding your way to success. This track did an amazing job of showing Yng Kp’s Versatility, having several flows and his Jamaican accent on the Hook and with some hard heating bars. The beat and vocals was a smooth industry quality mix. A major line from this song that hit different is “My first car was bike, My second car was a bus”. If you been through the gutter than you can relate to this lyric on another level. You gotta get to where you gotta go whatever it takes to get that paper. Definitely would recommend adding this song to your Hiphop/Rap Playlist. This track will also be featured on our Unsign Hiphop Spotify Playlist. Checkout the Full Music Video Below!

King Of Rap – Yng Kp

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