Keep That Energy – Sheafy

Keep That Energy – Sheafy

Sheafy recently Released his single Keep That Energy Ft. Kod Johnson on May 30th, 2021. The Energy is definitely felt in this track. Sheafy is an Artist On The Rise. This track will be a vibe across the world. My girl is twerking to it as we speak. I ain’t mad tho! Sheafy is Originally from Jasper Florida, Born May 18th. Sheafy is signed to 386 Recordz and has heavy growing fan base within anime weebs, stoners & music lovers with his animated rap and character he adds to the melodies of various song structures. Sheafy has a bit of something for everyone. Sheafy Is a very talented man also passionate about his craft and people in his life and you can hear that in the music on the other hand he is pretty crafty the way his music is continuously bringing that something new & fresh feeling.

Keep That Energy Ft. Kod Johnson – Sheafy

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Ayo tap in!!! Ain’t gone lie ladies I wanna see some ahh shake to this one! 👹 🍑 #sheafy #keepthatenergy #fypシ #shakesum #twerk #welit #386world

♬ Keep That Energy – Sheafy & Kod Johnson
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Keep That Energy – Sheafy

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