In Love With Me – Devin Sunshine

Devin Sunshine glimmers on her brand new track ‘In Love With Me’!

‘In Love With Me’, a stripped-back, bubblegum rap offering with melodic bars, witty lyrics and a playful demeanor. Devin makes it clear that she’s more than just an image on a screen and vents her frustration at the male gaze
that women in music so often experience. ‘In Love With Me’ is brutally honest- and Devin doesn’t shy away from saying things exactly how they are.
Talking about the new track, Devin Sunshine shares:

“ ‘In Love With Me’ is a melodic pop-rap commentary on what it’s like to be an empowered young female artist on social media these days… often bombarded by “f-boys” in your DMs who care nothing about your art, and only about your sex appeal. The song is intentionally meant to be a bit self absorbed and narcissistic, but delivered in a satirical and somewhat sassy light.”

Devin brings so much to the table with her versatility, creative and ability to market her music is truly inspiring to see. That’s why we believe she is an Artist On The Rise.

Devin Sunshine – In Love With Me

Devin Sunshine is an alt-pop singer and melodic rapper from Los Angeles, California. With a sound very uniquely her own, Devin has paved her way into the alternative pop-rap scene with an emphasis on flagrant, raw emotion and eloquent lyricism. Though she started her music journey at a young age through musical theatre and participation in school choirs, it wasn’t until 2019 that she decided to pursue music as a career and give it more direct focus.
In just a few short years, she’s grown a dedicated and intrigued fan base across social media and streaming platforms, and continues to solidify her sound with every release, while still exploring new styles and refusing to be confined to any one genre. After a year of releasing numerous singles, in 2022 you can expect a debut EP titled after her coined hashtag #sunshineinthismf.

In Love With Me – Devin Sunshine

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i’m not taking any chances ✨🤞🏼 got too much to do this year for ME #inlovewithme #forthegirls #forthebesties #fboysbelike

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