Genie! (Feat. Trilla Kid) – CHA$E

CHA$E Rapper from Maine Comes Together With Trilla Kid, Artist From Atlanta with Popular Tracks “Zoom” and “LUV”.

CHA$E Maine Artist back at it again with another drop! This time he comes together with Trilla Kid an Artist from Atlanta with 68,000 Plus monthly Listeners and nearing 10,000 Followers on Spotify. Mostly known for his tracks “Zoom” and LUV. CHA$E is an Artist On The Rise with 15,000 Monthly Listener at the time of writing this. Trilla Kid has a very unique flow, reminds me a lot of Lil UZI Vert. CHA$E Definitely held his own on this collaboration with his fire verse. Genie! feat. Trilla Kid by CHASE is definitely a vibe. I would recommend adding it into your summer and chill vibes playlist. The track does have the ability to fit in with a lot of different vibes. Some Major Bars to take away from Genie! are:

Trilla Kid – “Cut my hair and dye it blonde, you can call me Eminem”

Trilla Kid – “She call me a genie, I’m granting all her wishes”

CHA$E – “Ain’t no one around me got a heart as cold as me
Told my bro we goin get this money for the team”

CHA$E – Genie! (feat. Trilla Kid)

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Genie! Ft. Trilla Kid – CHA$E

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Genie! (feat. Trilla Kid) – CHA$E

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