Clueless (feat. Labor207) – Eteis

New York Artist “Eteis” collaborates with Maine Artist “Labor207” on his latest Single “Clueless”.

New York Artist Eteis teams up with Labor207 on his latest track “Clueless”. Everything about this track is a vibe, from the hard hitting bars, all the way down to the production. The hook is extremely catchy and with the right marketing, this could definitely take Eteis career to the next level. The featuring artist on this was song Maine Artist Labor207. Together, these artists have a very quality sound while also having very unique tones and their own sound. We will definitely be keeping our eye on this Artist On The Rise.

Key Lyrics from Clueless: “Confessions she asked why im doing this, Im dirty like rats in the sewer is Young donotello, Stuck in my shell, but im ballin like melo” – Eteis

“Its just a small homage to TMNT, and being from NY. And how all those elements and influences shape you. Role models and the advice they give you come from many different places but it all feeds the hunger to shine. To be good at something. To ball out like melo did at the garden! Him being also from Brooklyn like I am.” Said Eteis

Clueless (Feat. Labor207) – Eteis

Clueless (Feat. Labor207) – Eteis

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