Better Days – RoadRunna JR

RoadRunna JR

Alabama Rapper RoadRunna JR Is On The Rise. Recently Dropping his Latest Single “Better Days”.

RoadRunna JR is our latest Artist On The Rise. He is a Rapper from Tuscaloosa, Alabama Born and Raised. We’ve been follow him since finding him months ago on Tiktok after releasing his Last Album “Slept On” – RoadRunna JR. Slept On is an understatement. RoadRunna JR has an industry quality sound with some hard hitting flows and his own unique tone. When he raps, you can tell he is putting his all into his craft, each and every song being a bit better. “Better Days” is a song I believe everyone can relate to or has related to at some point in there life. This is so much different from the other music on RoadRunna JR’s Catalog. I think it really shows his versatility. I’m expecting him to complete the year on a major Incline, once everyone else become hip to brodie.

RoadRunna JR – Better Days (Music Video)

Key Lyrics

“We Just need some Better Days” – RoadRunna JR


“it’s a lot of people going thru rough times just hoping an praying for a better day” Said RoadRunna JR.

Better Days – RoadRunna JR

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